This is a copy of a menu card from the Tudor Cafe, date is probably about 1938 - shows the prices that were charged for tea, coffee, cakes, etc.

Tudor Cafe Menu Rainham Kent 1938
Even allowing for inflation they seem very low to me - but the cost of labour was far lower in proportion to other costs than than it is now (and my impression has always been that my parents were not very good 'business people' - e.g. would charge very low prices so as to be 'fair' and not aim for reasonable profits by putting up costs to a higher level!)

Tudor Cafe Menu Rainham Kent 1938Tudor Cafe Menu Rainham Kent 1938


#1 Haitchdt 2017-02-13 11:02
There is more info about this place in the book on Otterham by Mike Gunnill

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