Old Photos of Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent

This is a collection of old photos of the area around Wigmore Gillingham Kent originally from my grandmother's archives and subsequently added by contributions from readers in the Wigmore area. She lived in Woodside for 60 years having built her own property in 1939. In addition a few more recent scenes have been taken around the area.

  • Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane circa 1910 Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane circa 1910
  • Photo of Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane 2003Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane 2003
  • Photo of Hoath Lane Wigmore KentHoath Lane Wigmore Kent around 1910
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentPhoto of Woodside Wigmore in 1916
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentWoodside Wigmore Kent in 1974
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentWoodside Wigmore 2003
  • Smallholders Club Wigmore KentSmallholders Club Wigmore Kent
  • Smallholders Club WigmoreSmallholders Club Wigmore Kent
  • Bredhurst Road Wigmore KentBredhurst Road Wigmore Kent
  • Photo of Marshall Road, Rainham approx 1928Marshall Road Rainham Kent, approx 1928
  • Marshall Road, approx 1932Marshall Road Rainham Kent, approx 1932






#5 Babs Hatherall nee Williams 2014-03-27 00:37
My goodness,just came across this site. So many memories. Our family first lived in Harty Avenue then later the top end of Wigmore road. No made up road, no running water,we collected drinking water from a stand pipe up the road. Other water came from waterbutts. Right out in the sticks,but oh such happy memories. All our friends gardens ran into the woods where we would spend our time playing.
I now live in the west country,and return occasionally to visit relatives,but it's no longer the place of my childhood/teenage years. I will have to see what old photos I have of Wigmore Road as it was.
#4 carole 2014-03-03 20:10
happy memories. does anyone remember the Woods family in Bredhurst in the 50´s?
#3 AJ 2013-11-04 21:30
You can see where it was taken and how it looks now here
#2 giggs 2013-05-05 22:06
Can anyone date the bredhurst rd picture, i used to live at the top of this road round the corner at 257 wigmore rd between 1968/9 -1985?
#1 Giggs 2013-05-04 07:48
The Bredhurst rd picture looks like it has been taken near the top end of bredhurst rd, must be near the entrance to harty avenue i guess

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