The main A2 between London, Canterbury and Dover runs through Rainham. Interestingly the road has a number of different names as it passes through from Gillingham to Rainham and then on to Sittingbourne.

One of the names for the A2 as it approaches Rainham from the Sittingbourne direction is Moor Street. Was this because at some point Moors lived here?  Other names for the A2 as it runs through Rainham are:

Watling Street

Sovereign Boulevard

High Street

Broad Walk

Moor Street (see photo below)

Top Road

Do you know any others? If so please post any comments below:

Moor Street A2 Rainham Kent (High Street/Broad Walk/Watling Street)


#4 Rainham History 2014-03-09 11:19
Mark, I've done some checking and added a new page about Broad Walk. Yes it does still exist but is now known as High Street and is the section between Rainham and where Moor Street begins.

The houses in that section are quite old so it is possible that 61 Broad Walk still exists although some sections have been redeveloped.
#3 Mark Harris 2014-03-08 04:14
Hello - my GG Grandparents lived at "61 Broad Walk, Rainham." Would this have been an address along this road? Might it still exist? Thanks for any tips.

Mark Harris, London, ON, Canada.
#2 Peter Adams 2013-05-08 19:01
I remember it as the Top Road, and the Bottom Road was Lower Rainham Road. I lived at 172 High Street, now an old peoples home, from 1949 -1957.
#1 Janice Howells 2013-04-29 00:06
Do people still call it the Top Road? Not an official name, but one which a lot of people used when I lived there.

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