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Rochester Sweeps Festival Morris Teams/Dance Sides

This is a list of the morris dance sides that will be appearing at the Rochester Sweeps festival 2013 according to Medway Council website. You can view the full programme of events for Rochester Sweeps Festival 2013 here

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2013 Morris Teams Dance Sides

Name  Type of dance  County 
Alive & Kicking  North West Clog  Essex 
Alton Morris  Border  Berkshire 
Annies Fantasies  North West Clog  Essex 
Baldock Midnight Morris  Cotswold  Bedfordshire 
Bishop Gundulf’s Morris Ladies  North West Clog & Garland  Kent 
Bishop Gundulf’s Morris Men  Long sword & Rapper  Kent 
Black Forest & Belasuza Mummers  Modern Morris & Folk Dancing  Essex 
Black Pig Border  Border  Derby 
Boekka  Border & ‘Oss Teazin’  Cornwall 
Bows ‘N’ Bells  North West Clog  Essex 
Cinque Ports Morris  Cotswold  Sussex 
Cockleshell Clog  North West Clog  Essex 
Copperfield Clog  North West  Kent 
Customs & Exiles  North West & Border  Hampshire 
Dacre Morris  Cotswold  London 
Dark Horse Morris  Border  Essex 
Deadhorse & Broomdashers  East Kent Black Face  Kent 
East Kent Morris Men  Cotswold  Kent 
Gong Scourers  Border  Kent 
Greenwich Morris  Cotswold  Kent 
Hands Around  Cotswold, Border  Essex 
Headcorn Morris  Cotswold  Kent 
Hertfordshire Holly  North West Clog  Hertfordshire 
Hook Eagle Morris Men  Border  Hampshire 
Kent Korkers & Pork Scratchin’s  Border & North West Clog  Kent 
Kettlebridge Clog  Northwest Clog  Kent 
Lady Bay Revellers  Cotswold  Nottingham 
Loose Women  Border  Kent 
Maenads  Border  Kent 
Maldon Green Jackets  Cotswold  Essex 
Manor Mill Morris  North West Clog  Cambridge 
Marlings Morris  North West Clog  Kent 
Motley Morris  Border  Kent 
Mutineers  North West Clog  Leicestershire 
Mythago  Bedlam Border  East Sussex 
Offcumduns Morris  North West Clog  Kent 
Old Palace Clog  North West Clog  Surrey 
Oojah Kappivy  Cotswold  East Sussex 
Pretty Grim  Border  Suffolk 
Priory Morris, Soken Molly Gang  Border & Molly  Essex 
Pump House Clog  North West Clog  Hertfordshire 
Rampant Rooster  Cotswold & Border  Surrey 
Rockingham Rapper  Rapper  Hertfordshire 
Royal Liberty Morris  Cotswold, Border, Molly Sword  Essex 
Royal Oak Morris  Cotswold  Northants 
Spirimawgus  Border  West Sussex 
St Clement Clog  North West Clog  Kent 
Steam Punk  Border  Kent 
Stockport Morris  North West Clog  Stockport 
The Fabulous Fezheads  Sand dancing (Kentish)  Kent 
The Wild Hunt  Bedlam Border  Surrey 
Westrefelda  Cotswold  Suffolk 
Whitethorn Morris  North West Clog  Bucks 
Witchmen  Border  Northants 
Wolfs Head & Vixen  Border  Kent 
Young Miscellany  Mixed Traditions  Herts 

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