There has been a lot of change with petrol stations in Rainham over the last few years with many closing and others changing hands between different brands. When I was growing up there were three more petrol stations in Rainham that no longer exist.

Parkwood Green - where St Pauls church is now located was a petrol filling station until the early 1980s when the site was abandoned and remained derelict until the church was built.

Rainham Mark (Texaco, previously Shell garage and now Enterprise Car Rental)

Photo taken in 2002 - was unleaded really only 76.9p per litre then!

Texaco Petrol station London Road A2 Rainham

Station Road, Rainham (now closed and car dealership)


Petrol station Station Road, Rainham

Maidstone Road, Rainham opposite Manor Farm pub (closed, now Hidsons/Olympic motors Car dealership)

Other sites have changed hands over the last few years:

Wigmore, Maidstone Road, was Total Petrol station, now operated by Shell.

Wigmore, Hoath Way next to Sherlodge garage was Shell, now operated by Harvest Energy



#2 Mr James 2015-04-28 13:25
The Esso petrol station on the A2 has now reopened as an Asda petrol station which means we should get lower prices now.
#1 Mrs everett 2015-02-25 21:56
This petrol station will be missed by local residence in Rainham why is it closed

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