The new A249 Sheppey Crossing opened in 2006 to replace the old Kingsferry Bridge between Sheerness and the mainland near Sittingbourne. The previous Kingsferry Bridge was officially opened in 1960 and had single carriageway each direction but could be lifted to allow river traffic by. The Sheppey Crossing is part of the A249 Dual Carriageway between Sheerness and Maidstone. These photos of the Sheppey Crossing were taken in 2007.

Sheppey Crossing A249 Bridge to SHeerness Kent

The Sheppey Crossing seems to be prone to fog which has caused a number of accidents in the short history of the bridge since 2006. One of the most serious was in September 2013 when over 130 vehicles were involved in a mass pile up along the length of the bridge and left the road closed for many hours. The history of the Sheppey Crossing and Kingsferry Bridge is here

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