MEMORIES OF RAINHAM From Action Forum July 2004

Dear Editor,
After a previous letter of mine was published in Action Forum in August 2001 was grateful to Ron Baker who sent me copies of photos of the Council School children who were evacuated to Brynna during the Second World War. I had not realised there were so many of us!
Another of my memories concerns Amy Johnson who new solo to Australia in the 1930s. A civic reception was arranged for her at the Central Hotel. My late maternal Grandmother worked for Mr Charles Cox and was roped in as a waitress forIh is occasion and my mother look me and my late brother Graham along to watch. Before the ceremony we were allowed in to see the splendid table settings and where the famous lady would sit, but what impressed me most was the silver model of her aeroplane.
Looking through the Picture Book of Old Rainham I am surprised there is no mention of the Providence Chapel in Orchard Street within the section of places of worship. This is said to have been built for the workers of Mr William Henry Wakeley in I854. William Wakeley must have been one of the largest emp!oyers of labour at that time as he also had three roads named after him, William Street, Henry Street and Wakeley Road. 
Tudor Cafe Rainham Kent
The Rainham Pottery, which is also mentioned in the book, was based in a house which previously had been occupied by the Chapman family. When converted to a pottery it was painted white and had a slogan on the wall which read 'Stop and have a pleasant meal and watch the potter at his wheel'.
Rainham Pottery Tudor Cafe Rainham
Yours faithfully,
Doug Kitney

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