The garage for W& R Durell was located on the corner of the A2 and Maidstone Road in Rainham. They were a Motor Garage and Car Repairs and the photo shows their phone number as Medway 31222.

This photo is from 1984 and even as late as this date the very old fashioned pumps were still visible at the front of the garage. Waiting to be repaired is an Austin Maxi car and in the distance behind the Manor Farm Beefeater restaurant is a Skoda Estelle saloon car.

W& R Durell - Motor Garage and Car Repairs Rainham Kent 1984

This Old Photo of Men of Kent Pub Rainham - High Street Otterham Quay Lane was part of a slide show given in 2006. The photo isn't dated but must be around 1950s-1960s as it refers to a car park next to the Men of Kent pub on High Street A2 Rainham Kent

 Old Photo of Men of Kent Pub Rainham - High Street Otterham Quay

Johnsons Tool and Ironmongery Specialists was a popular store on Station Road/Henry Street Rainham for many years. I remember going there for bits and pieces as well as advice when I bought my first house and started DIY as well as visiting with my dad when I was younger. It sadly closed in 2013 and the building has now been turned into housing.

R Johnsons Ironmongers and Tool Shop Station Road Rainham Kent in 2009

 Photo of Johnsons Hardware store in background of Rainham bed race in the 1980s Rainham Bed/Cart Race Photos 1980s

R Johnsons Ironmongers and Tool Shop Station Road Rainham Kent Closing 2013

R Johnsons Ironmongers and Tool Shop Station Road Rainham Kent Closing 2013

This photo of Knights Stores on the corner of Motney Hill Road and Lower Rainham Road in Rainham Kent was probably taken in the 1950s and shows two young lads who are captioned as "Hart cousins of RF Sabey". 

Following sharing the photo the names of the boys were suggested as Roger Christopher on the left and Billy Hart.

There are signs for Lyons Cakes and Lyons Coffee in the windows. It was previously known as Elm Cottage Stores, Lower Road, East Rainham when owned by the Costen family.

From 1968 the store was taken over by Mr and Mrs Hills and known as Hills Stores until it closed in the 1990s and was converted to a private house.

Paul Stephens has provided this further information. The shop was brought by I believe John and Dorothy Knight from my great grandparents Arthur and Emily Costen in the early 1950's they had owned the shop from around 1900.
I think it was a very small community down there at the time as my late father Philip Stephens and mother Daphne Costen were courting at the time and Philips Grandmother was Agnes May Hart. So there must a been a bit of family trading going on when the shop was sold.

Photo thanks to Jane Absolom

 Knights Stores Motney Hill Lower Rainham Road Rainham Kent RF Sabey

These 2 photos have been kindly supplied by Brian Teather. These were taken at the site of 82 Edwin Road – date unknown (probably the 1930s).

-Residents then were the Rosier family who I understand did organise garden events like these.

-The two photos could possibly have been taken on separate occasions. I have been unable to correlate any parts between them although they were taken from different directions.

- Note the large number of children - all seem of primary school age. They would therefore probably be in their 80’s or early 90’s now and someone should remember the occasion(s).



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