What was the cost of Building a New House in Woodside,Wigmore in 1939?

My grandparents purchased a plot of land in Woodside in 1939 to build their own property when the whole area was being sold as individual plots for people to build on. The construction began in July 1939 and was completed in March 1940 despite the war starting and my grandfather being called up.

The invoice from the builder for constructing their bungalow is shown below. There are not many houses that you could build for £430 now! Bear in mind this was just the house building and the plot was purchased separately. You can read about the sale of plots across the area here Wigmore Estate Plans from 1912

Click on the image for a detailed version



The builder was SC Leadbetter & Co of 105 Bedhurst Road, Wigmore, Builders, Decorators and General Repairs.


#2 Terence Kreft 2017-03-11 18:30
What is also interesting is how building costs were more equitable across the country. The first house we bought was built in 1935, a few years before this but by a builder for himself so there would be no profit element and it cost £350.00 this was in Hull (Yorkshire).
#1 Derrick cooper 2017-02-25 16:35
My father told me he had to rent our house for twelve months when they first moved in then managed to buy, prices were relevant to wages. Young people now have a very difficult job to save for a house.

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