Some Pictures and Notes from John Godfrey

Probably taken in the late 1940’s, at Wakely’s hop garden, near Hartlip Hill. The lady rear left is Mrs. Tutt, who lived at 38 Ivy Street in Rainham. On her left is her eldest daughter Ivy Coleman, to her left is her daughter Pamela. They lived at 38 Asquith Road in Wigmore. The ‘herbert’ on the left is John Godfrey, who lived at 330 Maidstone Road. In September 1955 Pamela and John were married in St Margaret’s parish church in Rainham.
Mrs. Tutt, who lived at 38 Ivy Street in Rainham

This too was taken at Wakely’s in about 1945. On the left, a younger Pamela Coleman is busy ‘scratching them off’. In the centre Daisy Roper, daughter of Mrs. Tutt (above) nurses her daughter Eileen. The identity of the young lady on the right remains a mystery.


A photograph of St Margaret’s, in Maidstone Road, Wigmore. This was the first photograph that I took on a Kodak 127 camera and processed the film. I guess it was taken in the summer of 1946 when we lived at the bungalow opposite St Margaret’s, No.330. I understand that prior to the outbreak of WWII, St Margaret’s had been a tearoom. The post to the right of the picture perhaps advertised the fact, I cannot remember. However I do remember them selling fresh produce during the summer months, including some very tasty tomatoes. The grounds extended to the then border of the church path.

St Margaret’s, in Maidstone Road, Wigmore

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