MEMORIES OF RAINHAM From Action Forum August 2001

Dear Editor,
Like my six brothers I was born in Rainham and so I am always interested and make a point of visiting once a month to collect Action Forum. Over the last few months there have been some particularly interesting articles that have brought back many memories. Mr Edwin Jelly, whose shop was pictured on the front of the April 2001 edition, I remember very well. As I was passing his shop one day he called me: 'Oi you' he shouted - which I ignored, so he had another go: 'Kitney boy', so I turned. He had a message for my mother, he had some good boys' suits and would she like one for my 10-year-old brother. I relayed the message and Mother was interested so I had to return to the shop where I collected a parcel containing three suits for my brother to try; all three suits appeared similar, jackets and short trousers, but each with a different price tag.
Mother decided on the cheapest and I returned to the shop with the unwanted ones and the money. On another occasion, Queenie Moor went hurtling round the top of Pudding Road on her bike and smashed into the shop window. Ma Barrett at the Council School Canteen revived many memories. I can picture her now banging on the bench with her huge ladle and booming 'QUIET' in her loudest voice and then very sweetly saying 'Now say your grace my dears'. It always gave me a smile. During the war years I was at Orchard Street Boys' School, Mr Smith was Headmaster. He patrolled the school carrying a large cane and was not afraid to use it. Two female teachers I remember. Miss Woodward stood no nonsense, but the other was a little lady who dressed in a long tweed costume and wore a pince-nez, she was not used to handling boys and frequently fled the class in tears. Finally, with my brother Dick, I was evacuated to Brynna in South Wales and remember a school photo taken of all the Rainham evacuees being on display in a glass case at the side of Mrs Cheesemans Boot & Shoe Shop. I would love to have a copy if anyone still has the picture.
Yours faithfully,
Doug Kitney


#3 Ruth Ricketts 2018-05-12 18:43
Hi Doug
I just wondered if we are related (distantly) as my great grandmother was a Kitney from the Rainham area and my brother has traced the Kitney line back to 1665 - living in Rainham/Hartlip and then further back from Detling.
#2 Teresa Nasce 2014-01-26 13:40
Hi Doug,
Are you related to William and George Kitney as indicated in the article below

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Limited Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned, William Kitney and George Kitney, both of Feltham, in the county of Middlesex, and Edwin Jelly, of Rainham, in the county of Kent, carrying on business as Outfitters, at Feltham, in the county of Middlesex, under the style or firm of "W . AND G. KITNEY AND CO.," has been dis- solved by mutual consent as and from the first day of February, 1912. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said William Kitney and George Kitney, who will con- tinue the business under the same style or firm as
before.—Dated this 28th day of February, 1912.

Whilst clearing out a wardrobe today I came across a very old wooden clothes hanger with 'Kitney and Co. Tailors and Outfitters High Street Feltham'

I was intrigued to find out more info so have been trawling the WWW for info and came across your article which linked The Kitneys with Edwin Jelly
#1 Richard Stevens 2013-04-28 09:08
Hi Doug,**strong text** Loved your recollections and realise we must be contemporaries. What years were you at Orchard Street school"
Richard Stevens

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