I recognise the pub, but when I lived in Rainham as a boy (1930-38) itwas a ‘farmer’s pub’ where all the local farm labourers drank – sawdust on thefloor !   I was born in one ofthe last houses in Rainham on the way out to Sittingbourne – ‘Rosebank’, No. 7Moor St., and was baptised in the chapel across the road next to the Rose – it’soffices now. The A2 then was the main road to the coast and we kids used to sitoutside the house on summer evenings watching the charabancs and cars, redLondon buses, and the steam lorries from the brewery going past.
I went to the school by the railway – was it in Orchard St?- but didn’trealise until I was much older just how good a school it was under Mr. Pitcher,the headmaster. Well ahead of its time with radio, a lot of music, and games inthe Rainham ‘rec.’ under the railway bridge. The place has changed a lot.
Regards – Arthur Johnson. 


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