When I find them I'm trying to add photos of local Rainham and Kent people that may be of interest or of use to anyone searching family tree records.  

My great grandfather was Arthur Percy Light of Rock Avenue Gillingham Kent and who died in 1914 in the First World War. His wife was Marion Light nee Marion Hudson and he was son of Richard and May Light, of Walmer, Kent. There is also a mystery about his son Richard Arthur Onyx/Owyn Light and his Mysterious Disappearance in 1919

Since this was originally posted I've found that his death is commemorated on the Chatham Naval war memorial at Great Lines park Gillingham http://www.everymanremembered.org/profiles/soldier/3049489/ and that he died age 40 on 22 September 1914 and was Ship's Steward assistant on HMS Hogue. Three ships were attacked and sunk in the North sea that day, HMS Cressy, HMS Hogue and HMS Aboukir.

I'd previously researched but as of 2017 there seems to be a lot more information available online to find details of service and rolls of honour along with crew lists for different ships that were lost in the war. 

His SERVICE NO. was 148076

Navy Records

HOGUE, cruiser – see 22 September 1914, Sinking of Cruisers Aboukir, Hogue, Cressy by U.9, North Sea. Built 1900, Pendant No. N.59, Capt Wilmot Nicholson. Ordered Cressy to look out for submarines, stopped and sent off boats to rescue Aboukir survivors, almost immediately hit portside by two torpedoes, started to sink by stern, quarterdeck awash in 5min, submarine broached to and fired on, Hogue rolled over on her side within 10min, abandon ship ordered and sank, her boats now headed for Cressy with Aboukir's survivors; 376 lives lost - 11 officers, 1 more DOW, and 361 ratings, and 1 canteen staff.

 LIGHT, Arthur P, Ship's Steward Assistant (Pens), 148076 (Ch)

Arthur Percy Light of Gillingham Kent - Died 1914 by Geo Hillsdon Lyttelton NZ 

Photo taken by Geo Hillsdon (George?),  Lyttelton Photo studios, 17 London Street, Lyttelton, New Zealand

More info on George Henry James Hillsdon, photographer of Lyttelton New Zealand is below. It appears he took over the photography studios on 25th May 1896 and my great grandfather, Arthur Percy Light would have attended the studio when on duty in the Royal Navy between then and his death in 1914. I'm trying to work out which year he may have visited New Zealand by checking his military records.



#1 Mike Gunnill 2016-05-26 14:41
The picture was taken in Lyttleton, New Zealand. Details of the photographer below.
George Henry James Hillsdon
London Street

George Henry James Hillsdon was born in London in 1852 the son of Thomas Hillsdon, Engineer and Susan Hillsdon nee Walters. He arrived in New Zealand about 1876 and married Elizabeth Annie Woolley at St Luke's Church, Christchurch on 8 February 1881.

A daughter Alice Mary Isabel was born in 1884 and a son Richard Walter in 1887, George Hillsdon is shown on the church records as a photographer of Lyttelton.

He died on 19 February 1926, the burial records show he was then a stationer living in Lyttelton aged 70 years, his correct age would have been closer to 74. His wife had died in 1919 and they are buried in Bromley Cemetery, block 35 plot 30.

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