Coming soon, daily newspaper headlines from the Falklands War 30 years ago this year. Copies of the newspaper front page headlines for each day will be posted on the site - although these are from The Guardian not the more dramatic headlines of The Sun such as the infamous "Gotcha" when the Argentine ship General Belgrano was sunk.

31 March 1982 - Ministers try to defuse Falklands crisis

5 April 1982 - We won't hesitate says Nott

9 April 1982 - Britain to blockade Falkland Islands

24 April 1982 - Fleet Poised to Attach as peace hopes fade

1 May 1982 - Exclusion Zone extended

4 May 1982 - HMS Sheffield and Harrier destroyed

5 May 1982 - Fleet may pull back to avoid air attacks

6 May 1982 - Two jets lost as peace hopes founder

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