Old Historical Photographs of Rainham Kent

Many of the photos of Rainham here are unique and have never been published elsewhere. We are very grateful to the people who have provided them for use on this site.

In time, I intend this to be linked via a map, so that clicking the map will display the photos related to that area.

Photo of High Street Rainham Kent 1950Photo of Station Road Rainham KentPhoto of Tudor House at Pump Lane Lower Rainham Kent

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Rainham Kent Photographs - Gallery 1 (Pictures from Action Forum)

Rainham Kent Photos- Gallery 2 (Pictures from 1930s)

Rainham Kent Photographs - Gallery 3 ( Pictures from 1930s)

Rainham Kent Old Photographs - Gallery 4 (Pictures courtesy of Paul Ironmonger)

Rainham Kent Old Photographs - Gallery 5 (Snow 1987, courtesy of Steve Murdoch)

Rainham Kent Photos from Peter Hales

Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre - photos of construction from 1978

Aerial Photos from St Margarets Church Tower Rainham (2004)

Rainham Kent (Recent Photos - 2001 on)

Photos of Gillingham Northern Relief Road/Wainscott Bypass A289 Link construction

Old Photographs of Wigmore,Kent

Old Photographs of Gillingham, Kent

Photos of People from Rainham

Rainham Photo Gallery
Kingsferry Bridge Sheppey
Rainham Church
Rainham People
Rainham in 1980s
Upchurch Photo Gallery
Whitbread Kent Pub Signs
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Old Aerial Photos of Rainham from 1930 & 1990
22 Feb 2018 20:17 - HistoryOld Aerial Photos of Rainham from 1930 & 1990

These aerial photos of Rainham were taken in around 1930 and 1990 covering the area around Rainham t [ ... ]

The Railway Pub Football Team, Station Road Rainha...
15 Oct 2017 20:56 - HistoryThe Railway Pub Football Team, Station Road Rainham

This photo is of the Railway Public house football team taken at the annual Boxing Day football matc [ ... ]

Photo of Locomotive 73088 BR Standard 4-6-0 at Rai...
15 Mar 2017 21:30 - HistoryPhoto of Locomotive 73088 BR Standard 4-6-0 at Rainham Station

Photo of Locomotive No. 73088, one of 12 BR Standard 4-6-0 engines built in the 1950s which from 195 [ ... ]

Rainham & District Co-op Share Book
22 Feb 2017 23:11 - HistoryRainham & District Co-op Share Book

I wonder how many local residents recognise or had one of these Rainham & District Co-operative  [ ... ]

Prestige Launderette Rainham 1972
17 Feb 2017 09:26 - HistoryPrestige Launderette Rainham 1972

This photo is of Prestige Launderette Rainham at 35 Station Road taken in about 1972. Interestingly [ ... ]

Herta's Hairdressers Rainham
16 Feb 2017 16:20 - HistoryHerta's Hairdressers Rainham

Herta's Hairdressers Rainham - International Hair Stylists - Herta Hair Sylist 33026 There were two [ ... ]

Rainham Royal Mail Sorting Office
15 Feb 2017 21:45 - HistoryRainham Royal Mail Sorting Office

Until the early 2000s the Royal Mail sorting office was in the centre of Rainham opposite the Green  [ ... ]

Aerial Photos of Rainham 2013
31 Jan 2017 23:24 - HistoryAerial Photos of Rainham 2013

These photos of Rainham from the air were taken in 2013. Thanks to Den Lyon for providing them

VE Day party for children on Thames Ave Rainham
28 Jan 2017 18:01 - HistoryVE Day party for children on Thames Ave Rainham

 This photo of the VE Day party for children was taken on Thames Ave, Rainham Kent.  The piano was [ ... ]

Natwest Bank Rainham 1970s
25 Jan 2017 22:01 - HistoryNatwest Bank Rainham 1970s

This photo of the Natwest branch in Rainham was taken in around 1972. Incredibly this is one of the  [ ... ]

Liptons Supermarket Rainham in 1972
24 Jan 2017 20:49 - HistoryLiptons Supermarket Rainham in 1972

This photo of Liptons Rainham was taken around 1972. This was the site of the old cinema known as  [ ... ]

Great Lines Steam Fair 1965
23 Jan 2017 23:12 - HistoryGreat Lines Steam Fair 1965

This video was on YouTube showing a steam fair at Great Lines in around 1965   https://www.youtub [ ... ]

Maidstone Road Rainham from the Air 2016
23 Jan 2017 21:52 - History

This aerial photo of Maidstone Road was taken in 2016 showing the view towards Gillingham. Maidstone [ ... ]

Beveridges Chemist Shop Rainham
23 Jan 2017 21:28 - HistoryBeveridges Chemist Shop Rainham

This photo from early 1970s is of Beveridges the chemist shop on the A2 at the top of Holding St in  [ ... ]

Old Midland Bank, High Street, Rainham Kent
23 Jan 2017 20:49 - HistoryOld Midland Bank, High Street, Rainham Kent

Midland Bank was originally located on the A2 opposite Maidstone Road and next to Hidsons car dealer [ ... ]

Little Crown Pub Chatham
22 Jan 2017 23:15 - HistoryLittle Crown Pub Chatham

It's slightly out of area but when I was walking today I noticed the Little Crown pub in Chatham Hig [ ... ]

Betabake Bakery Shop & International Stores in Rai...
22 Jan 2017 22:56 - HistoryBetabake Bakery Shop & International Stores in Rainham Kent

Betabake bakers was located on the A2 High Street in Rainham, the shop next door was International S [ ... ]

Avenue Nightclub Central Hotel Gillingham
22 Jan 2017 21:59 - HistoryAvenue Nightclub Central Hotel Gillingham

The Avenue Nightclub was formerly the Central Hotel and was located on the corner of Featherby Road  [ ... ]

Medway Snow Photos 1987 (Chatham/Gillingham/Rainha...
05 Dec 2016 14:01 - HistoryMedway Snow Photos 1987 (Chatham/Gillingham/Rainham)

The snow in Medway in 1987 was some of the worst for many years, possibly since the severe winter of [ ... ]

The Fredville Oak at Nonington near Dover
03 Dec 2016 12:02 - RainhamHistoryThe Fredville Oak at Nonington near Dover

  Photo of The Fredville Oak at Nonington near Dover. Locally known as "Majesty" this ancient tre [ ... ]

Old Gas Showroom Rainham Kent
17 Apr 2016 22:03 - HistoryOld Gas Showroom Rainham Kent

The building now occupied by the Manor Farm pub & restaurant used to be the Gas showrooms as can [ ... ]

The Mulberry Tree Inn on Lower Rainham Road
06 Mar 2016 21:48 - HistoryThe Mulberry Tree Inn on Lower Rainham Road

Photo of The Mulberry Tree Inn on Lower Rainham Road taken around 1905. The Mulberry tree beer hou [ ... ]

RMGS Rainham Mark Grammar School Photo 1988
29 Nov 2015 23:24 - History

While not an old photo by any means this was the school photo taken of Rainham Mark Grammar School i [ ... ]

Old Photos of Earl Street Maidstone February 1981
28 Apr 2015 22:36 - History These photos of Union Street Maidstone were taken in February 1981

The photos on the site are primarily of Rainham but there are a few pictures of other areas of Kent  [ ... ]

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