This photo of Chestnuts on High Street Rainham was kindly provided by Michael Ball who writes "My grandmother, and sisters were born in Popes Hall in Hartlip and eventually moved to Canada. I have a fairly extensive collection of Wakeley and Rainham pictures which I have added to my family history collection. I am attaching an early picture of what I believe is "The Chestnuts" on the High Street in Rainham. I believe that it was the home of one of the members of the Wakeley family at one time."
This impressive building was demolished to make way for housing in Rainham.
Chestnuts High Street Rainham Kent
It was reported for the 1887 Jubilee celebrations for Queen Victoria that "At The Chestnuts, a house owned by local preacher and businessman Thomas Stanley Wakeley, the colours of the barge ‘Richmond’ surmounted the building accompanied by a transparency of the crown surrounded by flags."

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