When the Manor Farm pub were redeveloping their car park to build the Premier Inn hotel in 2010 the site was subject to an archaeological survey to check for any historic remains as it is so close to the A2. This investigation brought up various finds including Iron age and Roman pottery as well as an Air Raid shelter dating to the Second World War that was built for the staff of the Gas Showrooms. This would have been to the right of the photo below.

The area has been settled for thousands of years as the main route from the coast to the north of the country and these finds help give some context to the people who lived or travelled through the area.

The development of Churchill Retirement complex on the site of 5 bungalows on the A2 adjacent to the Manor Farm pub has given more opportunity for archaeologists to investigate the area. According to an interview with them this week significant Iron age discoveries have been made, in particular salt pits.

With the A2 being the main Roman Road to London (Watling Street) there have been significant finds in the area including recent discoveries of a Roman Temple in Newington close to the A2 and Roman Villas in Hartlip.

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