Photos of the Theatre Royal building in Chatham prior to demolition


#2 Darren Lacey 2015-02-14 15:09
My dad used to own a shop which I am sure was in the theatre royal in the 70's /80's.

I seem to recall it was an outdoor pursuits / sports shop.

Does anyone have any memories or photos?

I am trying to reaearch family history at the moment and would love some more info.

Dad's name was Bruce Lacey. (a.k.a Thomas Lacey)

Thanks very much

#1 Vernon Verrall 2014-05-20 14:58
My father worked in Chatham dockyard during the day, he then biked to the Theatre Royal Chatham where he worked until 10pm as part of a team of scene movers. He used to tell us tales of Humphrey, the theatres resident Ghost. As children it was of course very scary, more so when on a Saturday when I would go with him and sit up in the gods with Humphrey waiting for my father to finish. Was he really there? For me as boy, yes he was, now I don't know!

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