Old Photos of Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent

This is a collection of old photos of the area around Wigmore Gillingham Kent originally from my grandmother's archives and subsequently added by contributions from readers in the Wigmore area. She lived in Woodside for 60 years having built her own property in 1939. In addition a few more recent scenes have been taken around the area.

  • Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane circa 1910 Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane circa 1910
  • Photo of Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane 2003Wigmore Road/Hoath Lane 2003
  • Photo of Hoath Lane Wigmore KentHoath Lane Wigmore Kent around 1910
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentPhoto of Woodside Wigmore in 1916
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentWoodside Wigmore Kent in 1974
  • Photo of Woodside Wigmore KentWoodside Wigmore 2003
  • Smallholders Club Wigmore KentSmallholders Club Wigmore Kent
  • Smallholders Club WigmoreSmallholders Club Wigmore Kent
  • Bredhurst Road Wigmore KentBredhurst Road Wigmore Kent
  • Photo of Marshall Road, Rainham approx 1928Marshall Road Rainham Kent, approx 1928
  • Marshall Road, approx 1932Marshall Road Rainham Kent, approx 1932





Rainham Kent Photos

These are more recent photos of Rainham Kent although changes can also be seen from the scenes pictures compared to the present day.

  • Photo of Rainham KentBredhurst Road Wigmore, Rainham Kent
  • Photo of Rainham KentHoath Lane Wigmore, Rainham Kent 2003
  • Photo of Rainham KentA2 Rainham Mark , Rainham Kent 2005
  • Photo of Rainham KentHempstead Hill Kent 2003
  • Photo of Rainham KentOrchard Street, Rainham Kent 2003
  • Photo of Rainham KentStation Road , Rainham Kent 2003







 Historical Photographs of Rainham, Kent

Pictures of Rainham Kent taken from St Margarets Church Tower - Feb 2004 

You can view the video taken at the same time here

Aerial View from St Margaret's Church, Rainham, Kent (Feb 2004)

Aerial View from St Margaret's Church, Rainham, Kent (Feb 2004)
View of A2 looking towards Sittingbourne

Aerial View from St Margaret's Church,Rainham (Feb 2004)

Aerial View from St Margaret's Church,Rainham (Feb 2004)
View of A2 looking towards Gillingham & Chatham








Rainham Kent Photos & Information

The following details were received from Peter Hales. We are very grateful for support like this which helps us to maintain and enhance the details on the site. If you have any similar pictures or information then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email or phone here.

I attach a couple of JPEG files scanned from original postcards of Rainham, provided by my Godfather, Geoff Gilbert.

Photo of Ivy Street Rainham1913The first is a picture of the upper end of Ivy Street and is taken from a postcard dated 1913, which ties up with the 1912 date on the front of the card, and shows the shop owned by W. E. Jones, who was Geoff’s grandfather on his mothers side of the family. The shop was divided into two, with an Off Licence to the right and a Grocery to the left.

Geoff was born upstairs in this house in the room behind the Colman’s Starch advert, although not until the mid 1920’s. His mother lived for many years in No1 Ivy Street, and I can remember visiting her in the house as a small child in the mid 1950’s. Geoff now lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


Old Photo of St Margarets Church Rainham Kent 1834

The second is a picture of St Margarets Church and Lockup (which is presumably the wooden structure adjacent to the Church gate!) and is dated 1834, although the picture postcard it was taken from is dated 1914

And me? – well I was born in my grandmother’s (May Boakes) council house at 19 Holding Street in 1951. We lived for many years at 79 Station Road on the corner of Webster Road, and I attended both Soloman Road infants School and (the then new) Wakeley Road Junior, before passing the 11+ and going on to Gillingham Grammar, by which time we had moved to 25 Thames Avenue. We moved away from Rainham in 1964.



Old photos by decade

Roads around the Rainham - old photos of how roads used to look in days gone by