The building now occupied by the Manor Farm pub & restaurant used to be the Gas showrooms as can be seen from this old photo.

The Manor Farm Pub and Beefeater restaurant in High Street Rainham Kent used to be the Gas Showrooms for the area. The gas showrooms were built around 1928 and converted to Manor Farm Beefeater Pub Restaurant in the 1980s.

The photo below is of Manor Farm Beefeater pub in 2001 before the outside was painted cream colour.

The Premier Inn was added to the site in 2011 covering part of the Manor Farm pub car park.

Manor Farm Rainham

Manor Farm Beefeater Pub Restaurant High Street Rainham Kent in 2003 prior to construction of Premier Inn hotel in the car park to the right of this picture.

This photo was taken shortly after the Manor farm was repainted with the current yellow over the original lattice brickwork as part of their refurbishment

The photos below are from 2010 during the winter snow


Photo of The Mulberry Tree Inn on Lower Rainham Road taken around 1905. The Mulberry tree beer house opened before 1872 and closed in 1973 as one of the last beer houses in the area which only served ales and no spirits. It was probably build to serve men building forts in the area. The photo shows the Style and Winch ales sign above the pub.


The Mulberry Tree Inn on Lower Rainham Road

While not an old photo by any means this was the school photo taken of Rainham Mark Grammar School in summer 1988. Some of the teachers present in the photo are:

Dr Keen

Mr Lawrenson

Mrs Berry

Mr Gulston

Mrs Pilgrim

Mr Flowers

Mr Parsons

Mr Mudge

Mr Bowen

Mr Payne

Mrs Timms

Mr Kitney

Mr Wood

Mr Boothby

A larger version of the photo is available to click but is a 120 megapixel image so very slow to download and hard to open! I'll load the photo split into sections shortly

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 1 - Click to view in High Res

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 2

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 3

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 4 

These photos of Union Street Maidstone were taken in February 1981

The photos on the site are primarily of Rainham but there are a few pictures of other areas of Kent that I've found.

These photos of Earl Street Maidstone were taken in February 1981 and show the gas holders across the river where the shopping centres and new housing blocks have now been built.

You can see sign for Wright TV rentals, Sketchleys cleaners and the old pub sign for the Druids Arms. In the distance is part of the Norwich Union Insurance societies offices


Union Street Maidstone 1981


Old photos by decade

Roads around the Rainham - old photos of how roads used to look in days gone by