Kent was hit very badly by snow in Jan 1983. I remember walking to school for several weeks with snow still covering roads and paths as a result.

Rainham Kent Snow 1979

Snow looking towards former Army & Navy pub, Rainham Kent 1979




These are photos taken of the M2 motorway being widened during 2002-2004 and show the bridges at Bluebill hill before, during and after demolition and construction.

M2 motorway widening, bluebell hill a229 photos

This photo shows the A229/M2 junction 4 while the roadworks to widen the M2 were in progress


This is a selection of some key newspaper front pages and their headlines during the 1980s. A further selection will be added later. Some key events covered by these newspaper headlines are the Great Storm of 1987, first articles mentioning global warming, IRA Brighton Hotel bomb in 1984, Romanian Revolution 1989, Lockerbie PanAm plane terrorist bombing, Chernobyl nuclear accident headlines showing crisis developing in April/May 1985, Black Monday share crash in 1987, Herald of Free enterprise ferry disaster, INF Arms treaty signing, Poll tax riots, PW Botha South Africa clampdown

Along with the rest of the South East and much of the whole UK Rainham had a heavy covering of snow in 2010. These are some photos taken in and around Rainham in the evening after one of the heavy snowfalls. The snow wasn't anywhere near as bad as 1987 when rather than 22cm we had 22 inches (60cm) fall over a day or two.

Rainham Kent Snow Photos 2010



Old photos by decade

Roads around the Rainham - old photos of how roads used to look in days gone by