FT Barden Greengrocers 109 High Street Rainham Kent

The greengrocer's shop FT Barden was at 109 High Street Rainham Kent. The building is now occupied by Eight restaurant having previously been a restaurant called 109.

This photo was taken in 1979

Photo thanks to Janice Fehribach

 This is the same location now


#4 Paul Stephens 2018-07-30 09:12
Remember walking past as a kid you got hit by the smell of the fruit and veg then the horses in the stable next door. :-)
#3 Diana Norman 2017-05-16 21:36
The nursery, which was called Barn Meadow Nursery, belonged to my grandfather and then my father Ken HUTCHINSON. We grew mainly tomatoes and cucumbers and had a small shop at the top of the nursery. I grew up there and it was a great place to live. The nursery lay between Station Rd, Hothfield Rd, Ivy Street and the High Street. The kids that lived on those roads had gardens that backed onto the nursery and they used to climb over their walls and fences to play. My Dad allowed us to use a large overgrown area to build camps and we had a wonderful time. We called it the Big Hills. Happy memories!
#2 Linda Grant 2016-09-20 08:26
Had forgotten this one ,also used to go down the lane inbetween the C0-OP and this veg shop to the nursery in the summer for Toms and Cue etc think it was Hutchinsons
#1 peter foster 2016-09-20 05:19
As kids my mum Betty used to buy groceries from his stall down the ally at the back.

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