It's puzzled me when travelling around the area to see where Rainham ends and where Upchurch begins. It appears that the boundary has been rather fluid and may have extended to increase the desirability of new housing built off Otterham Quay Lane.

After crossing the railway line, about halfway down Otterham Quay Lane you see a sign that you're now in Upchurch.Upchurch or Rainham boundary

And to emphasise this on the opposite side of the road another sign welcomes you back to Medway and Rainham.

Even the new housing estate just past the sign shows it is part of the Borough of Swale - I bet they wished they were part of Rainham with the lower council tax!


Yet further down the road - well past the sign that has already announced that you are in Upchurch, the sign by the Three Sisters pub shows that Upchurch is still further on.

So where does Rainham end and Upchurch start? Has it changed recently with the development of new estates? Was the Three Sisters pub always in Upchurch or was it originally considered to be part of Rainham?




#1 Razorpound 2017-05-05 09:02
The boundary between Rainham and Upchurch runs down the middle of Otterham Quay Lane. The Three Sisters is and always was in Upchurch, it pays rates to Swale Council, but for convenience sake is within the Medway boundary of CAMRA.

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