Roger Green was incredibly accurate with his memories. Assuming my copying and pasting works, here is his list updated by reference to my 1951 Kellys:

Starting at Orchard Street there was:

70 John Woolley
72 Ernest Wellard
74 Mrs Atkins
76 "Parker's" Sweet shop and Tobacconist

78 & 80 Pullen's seed shop
82 the "Bug Hutch" That we all have so many fond memories of !! :) Bug Hutch Rainham - Royal Cinema
Does anyone remember the lady that worked there in the kiosk where you paid, I think her name was Joyce ? Real dark hair and always very heavily made up.

84 Gray's cycle shop
86 Dennis's Off License
88 The Cricketers Pub
St Margarets Church - At the Church path I seem to remember there being a big old house with lots of broken windows.
From there on with numbers where known....
90 Mrs Evans
90 Raymond Wall Chiropodist
90 Winch, Greensted & Winch
92 Langton & Young
96 Moseley's Bakery, Later Walklyn's Bakery
98 Albert Simmonds
98a Edward Russell
100 Ronald Tapsell
102 Alfred Nobbs
104 Green Lion Pub
106 & 108 Vyes Grocers (Now Hidsons)
112 Rainham Pet Shop (Now Hidsons)
114 Stan's Cafe Later the Orion Cafe (Now Hidsons)
116 Ron Smiths Barbers (Now Hidsons)
118 Watt's residence (Still there)
120 Watt's Chemist shop (WATTS THE CHEMIST )
122 "Halrose" Hodson's tobacconist
124 The Wool shop
126 Fred's cafe
128 Pilcher's Greengrocers
130 Filmer's Builders merchants
132 Mrs Ada Swindell General stores
134 Abbott's Shoe repair
136 R McKerns Upholsterer
138 Mary Watts Outfitter
140 Rodwells Bicycle shop
142 Albert Connelly The Sweet shop
144 Strevens Wallpaper shop
146 The Fish & Chip shop owned by the Cracknell's & the Ropers
150 Private house. Dave Ward lived here for anyone that remembers him.
152 Albert Barden
154 John Evans
156 Longley Nurseries
160 Large house with pond behind Henry Bell
162 Durells Repairs (Garage)
164 Walklyn Ltd Bakers
166 Kemsley's Butcher"s
168 Joseph Holloway
170 Leonard Deed
172 Cecil Adams
174 Dr Longford's Building
184 George Naylor
186 Granville Henthorne
188 Bertie Strevens
190 William Fraser
then Miers Court Lane as it was then known.


#4 Nira F Spenceley 2016-09-19 18:34
We left Rainham in 1949, but remember Vyes down the street Christened in St Margarets - went to the Church School during the war. My Granddad Mr. Arthur Cooke would take me to the outdoors in the a back of the Crickerteers- seeing The Wizard of Oz at the pictures at the Flea Pit. The Pullens lived two down from us on Thames Ave. Tons of memories here.
#3 Carol Needs 2016-09-19 15:45
I can remember Watts the Chemist really clearly. I seem to think there were 3 glass medicine bottles displayed in the window.
Also remember Vyes. Went there most days with my mum to get shopping, they had baskets of runs 'on special offer'.
Looking at the list of shops brings back many childhood memories I'd forgotten I had.
#2 sally Jacobs 2016-09-19 15:01
1951 Number 6 Station who was there then . Have you a list of Station Road please . Kind regards Sally
#1 Peter Adams 2015-07-14 20:59
Going up from Orchard St the other way was Mr.Mrs Tills on the corner, then Ethel Thomas, Mr. Mrs Goodwin, Steven & Bessie Smith (no. 60. My Grandparents). Mr. Mrs Chaplin, Mr. Mrs Thomas and that's all I can remember.

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