While not an old photo by any means this was the school photo taken of Rainham Mark Grammar School in summer 1988. Some of the teachers present in the photo are:

Dr Keen

Mr Lawrenson

Mrs Berry

Mr Gulston

Mrs Pilgrim

Mr Flowers

Mr Parsons

Mr Mudge

Mr Bowen

Mr Payne

Mrs Timms

Mr Kitney

Mr Wood

Mr Boothby

A larger version of the photo is available to click but is a 120 megapixel image so very slow to download and hard to open! I'll load the photo split into sections shortly

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 1 - Click to view in High Res

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 2

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 3

RMGS- School Photo 1988 - Section 4 

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