The following message has been received from Peter Edmonds. Is anyone able to help with any family history of the people listed?


"I discovered your webpage devoted to Photos of Rainham People from Bygone Times and I am intrigued by the caption of the wedding group.  I believe that James and William ("Willie") Edmonds were close relatives of my grandfather, Peter Edmonds, who was the last of the farmers and market gardeners living at Macklands Farm (behind The Mackland Arms pub on Station Road) before the farm was sold and developed as the Parkfield housing estate. As a child I helped my father and grandfather with the fruit-picking and packing for marketing in the autumn.


In 1899, the same year as the Dennis-Wells wedding depicted, my grandfather married my grandmother, Ellen Emma (neé Barrow) in Rainham church.  On other occasions he played the church organ, was a church bell-ringer, and served as churchwarden.  
I have confirmed from 1911 census and other data that Willie (1852-1916) of Rede Court, Strood, was my grandfather's cousin, his father William (1822-1902) of Bendigo Farm, Higham was my grandfather's uncle, and James (1840-1924) of Fant House, Maidstone was a brother of William and thus another of my grandfather's uncles.  Their ages in 1899 would have been: Willie 47, William 77, James 59.

"The rectangular framed photo (untitled and undated) below is of a relative, whom I believe was my grandfather’s brother,  James Edmonds (1870-1927) but I’m not sure.  If a reader can identify this person, please contact the webmaster and the writer, Peter D. Edmonds (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Sartorial styles in different periods may provide a clue.  Is he:

James Edmonds (1840 - 1924) of Fant Farm, Maidstone, son of William (1796-1886) and Susannah (née Morphew)


James Edmonds (1864 - ?) of Hill Farm, Higham, son of William (1822-1902) and Susanna (1833 - ?, née Swain) 


James Edmonds (1870 - 1927), market gardner of East End Lane, Minster, Sheppey, son of Thomas (1838-1924) and Eleanor (1842 - ?, née Mudge) of 283 Station Road, Rainham?"

"The description of James (1840-1924) and Willie (1852-1916) as relatives of the wedding couple, Henry and Elizabeth, led me to consult Kent marriage records available through  I did not find a marriage between members of the Edmonds and Dennis or Wells families on any date since 1800.  However, the source of the photo, Dave Cory Dennis, has now assured me that the bride is his paternal grandmother and that her mother, Elizabeth (1833-1922), shown seated beside the bride, was a sister of William Edmonds (1822-1902). 

I hope I have stimulated some interest and look forward to an exchange of information and reminiscences.”




0 #3 Geoff Rambler 2017-08-02 07:29
I write a WW1 newsletter for the City of Rochester Society. In my research I came across this news-report. 'Mr. W. Edmonds of Rede Court, has written to the Council saying he can no longer take the Corporation's manure - those wishing to purchase the Corporation’s manure should send their tenders to the City Surveyor.' Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham Observer, 15 September 1917.

It may not be the same W Edmonds on this page as this one was still alive in 1917 - but perhaps unwell?
+1 #2 Alan West 2017-01-25 17:09
I used to know Clive Dennis, he had what is now Upchurch Stables in Wallbridge lane Upchurch. He was a pilot, and I used to go flying with him on occasions. The last I knew of him, he lived in Horsham Lane, up the church end. He was born around 1921, was in the RAF during the war so I don’t know if he is still around.
0 #1 linda grant 2017-01-24 17:10
From stories my father told me his father Job Grant worked for Edmonds that lived at Macklands and he used to help with the horses no one left now to ask questions

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