These old photos of Marshall Road Rainham Kent were taken around 1928 and 1932. The huge pile of flints has decreased a bit between the photos. One of the interesting things in the deeds for our house is a covenant that prevents us from selling flints from the house. I wonder if it was a common issue with building at that time and the ground having so many flints in it.


Old Photos of Marshall Road Rainham Kent 1932

87 Marshall Road in 1928



Old Photos of Marshall Road Rainham Kent

Marshall Road in 1932. You can see a conservatory has been added at this point

These photos were taken in the 1980s when a house was demolished to construct the Charlotte Drive estate


0 #3 AKR 2019-11-02 00:19
It was number 33. And it was definitely 1987.
0 #2 Andy 2016-03-19 10:38
It's actually 87
0 #1 George 2016-03-19 09:34
Possibly 48? Marshall road?

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