The hop pickers photo below was marked up as 1926. Great Grannie Mudge is the lady in the centre. She lived in Solomon Road, next to the school. She was the mother of Hilda Mudge who married Herbert Baden Powell Gooding at St Margaret’s Church and lived with the Gooding family in her later years in Solomon Road.
The gentleman on the left is obviously writing in a book - possibly recording the volume/weight of hops picked?
No idea of any others in the picture.
The photo below is dated 1940. It appears that the lady in the centre is maybe sampling some of the crop they seem to have picked. Possibly cherries. Or - is it a picture for Harvest Festival or something similar, as each of the ladies seems to be holding a different offering of some kind or another!  No names, but it came from the same collection of photographs as the 1926 picture above.
Does anyone recognise any people in the photos or any ideas who they may be?


#1 Barbara Fairservice 2018-09-09 04:54
Free BMD Milton Dis., Birth Ref:Hilda May. Sep Qtr 1900 - 2a 951

In 1901 & 1911 Census, Hilda's parents, Everard a Mariner & wife Mary with daughters Hilda, Doris, Violet & Vera were living at Solomon Road, Rainham, Kent,

Hilda Mudge was living in Solomon Rd, in 1925 when she married Herbert Godding.

Free BMD Milton Dis., Birth Ref: Herbert B.P.Gooding Mar Qtr 1901 - 2a 937
In the 1908 Sittingbourne, Milton & District Directory:
Herbert's father was an Officer's Cook, of 59 Broadwalk, Rainham, when his son H.B.P.Gooding married Hilda Mudge in 1925

Hilda May MUDGE Miss- and Barbara Mavis TOTTMAN Miss- are 4th cousins 1 time removed. Their common ancestors are William MUDGE Mr- and Susannah NATT Miss-

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