This photo was taken in the quad at Rainham Secondary School for Girls in around 1955. Apparently the teacher is Miss Sladden

Can anyone confirm the year and any names?

 5th from left in back row is Marion Domoney and 3rd from left in middle row is Nina Heathfield.

Rainham Secondary School for girls

Following the photos of the Rainham Co-op store being demolished Sandra Perkins has been in touch and said "My Mothers parents, my Grandparents, Royston & Ethel Black were Old Time Dance teachers at the Co-op. Upstairs in the hall was one of many places they taught, they lived in Rainham most of their married lives until their deaths" 

The Co-operative store had an upstairs/upper hall that was used by various groups for meetings and social events like dances.

 These photos show Royston & Ethel Black dancing at the Co-operative hall, their 25th Wedding dance at the Co-op Hall in Rainham and copy of an article about them.

Rainham Co-operative Hall - Old Time Dances - Royston & Ethel Black

Rainham Co-operative Hall - Old Time Dances - Royston & Ethel Black


Rainham Co-operative Hall - Old Tyme Dances - Royston & Ethel Black


Rainham Royston & Ethel Black 40th wedding anniversary

Old Tyme Dancers - Royston & Ethel Black


Ruby Mudge (in the middle)  hopping with her mother and sister Norah (at the left).  This must have been taken in the 1930's.

I have attached a photo of some workers at one of the local Brickfields.  If anyone could identify the location and any of the workers I would be interested.  My mother was Ruby Mudge who was born at Upchurch in 1914, but lived in High Dewar Road when she married Harry Tottman at the Rainham Congregational Church in 1938.  Her uncle, Elijah Boakes (1869 to 1936) was a foreman at the Eastwood brickfield in Quay Lane, Rainham.  I wonder if that is where the picture was taken.

A picture of a Tug of war team at a Co-op Sports day at the Rec. about 1925.

Standing left to right: Mr Seager,?,?, Mr Black; seated on a chair ?; seated on the ground left to right: Mr Epps, Jim Gray (a policeman), Bill Mudge (Ruby's Father), ?.   Can anyone identify the other men?