St Margarets Church Hall was built on Orchard Street Rainham and opened in 1937. By the late 1990s the hall had become outdated and it was decided that a replacement could be built nearer the church on land that was freed up by the cancellation of the Rainham Bypass project

Construction of the new Millennium centre began in the late 1990s for opening in the millennium celebrations and the old church hall in Orchard Street was demolished to make way for new flats in 2001. 

These photos were taken by Virginia Smith, proprietor and manager of the Peter Pan preschool. 



Former Church Hall site, now flats on Hurst Close/Orchard Street



#1 RE: St Margarets Church Hall Orchard Street 1937-2000Virginia Smith 2021-07-16 18:01
I took these photos as I documented the old building being demolished and as proprietor and manager of the preschool, formerly Peter Pan, I used to take the children daily/weekly to observe the new building being built. It actually opened 24th April 2000.

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