Memories of National Service by Vic Wickenden

I refer to the article in the recent Action Forum edition by  the Secretary of the local National Service Association  and I would like to convey my experiences. 

I was ‘called up’ to commence my national service on the  1st March 1951 (age 18 years & 2 months). I did my  initial training - 6 weeks - at the army barracks at  Aldershot, then transferred to R.A.S.C. Barracks at  Yeovil, Somerset to complete the full training.  One good thing come out of this experience was I obtained a driving licence. The army engaged local  driving instructors to assist.  On completing the 13 week course, I was posted to the  R.A.S.C. Barracks near Swindon, Wiltshire. 

As I held a junior clerk position in civil street, I was  given a position in the Company’s office, where I  remained until discharged on 28th February 1953.  In March 1952 the entire company were posted to  Germany - Where we were based near Munster. I would  add that I thoroughly enjoyed the remaining years of my  service times, obtaining the rank of Corporal.  However, despite pressure from my senior officers, 1 had  no wish to continue as a regular soldier. 

To summarise I believe National Service was a good  scheme to assist in training young men to become good  citizens. 

Vic Wickenden 

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