Dear Sir / Madam
I'm writing on behalf of my 78 yr old mother, who grew up in Medway
(Gillingham and Rainham) and who has childhood memories from the 1930s of
playing in a series of "old tunnels" in what was then wasteland somewhere to
the north of the A2 between Hawthorne Avenue and what is now Twydall.
Apparently, the tunnels had narrow gauge railway tracks in them, and back
then there were still some carriages of some kind that children could play
on. Could these have been old defence works of some kind; or, perhaps, part
of a brick field site?
Any information you can provide would be most welcome.
Kind regards
Phil Griffin


#1 Andy 2012-11-02 13:09
I remeber kids talking about the tunnels at the top of Hawthorne ave never found them thou, gues they were all filled in by the early 70s

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