Dear Sirs,
For reasons too complex to go into here, I am investigating aspects of local
history in the Gillingham / Rainham area and am interested in the origins of
the name of one of the roads in Rainham.
Can anyone explain to me where the name HIGH DEWAR ROAD comes from, and when
it became known by that name?
From the 1909 OS map it makes sense that the properties in question are
where the current High Dewar Road is, but are not labelled at all on the OS
I am fairly sure that in the 1911 census, the houses were described as
'Drury Lane', but the residents gave their addresses as 'Hydore Lane'. I
suspect the enumerator had poor hearing or struggled to understand what was
probably a strong rural accent at that time, so he wrote down what he heard
as Drury Lane.
Any help or clarification you can provide on this topic will be much
Chris Cornish-Lawrence
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