The total length of this walk is about 6 miles. However by studying the map you can quite easily work  out shorter walks if you wish.    From Rainham Church (1) go along the Church path by cemetery. Bear left into Beverley Close, cross  into Wheatcroft Grove. Bear right and take the  tarmac path on the left past no 64 to Mierscourt  Road (2). Turn right and after about 200 yards you  will see some rough steps on the left leading into an  orchard.    Go half right, following the tree line, cross the  track leading to Siloam Farm and go through a wide  gap in the hedge. Carry on through the orchard to a  pole in a line of tall trees. Go through the trees, tum  left and follow the field edge round to a stile onto  Meresborough Road (3). Go right to Meresborough  Farm and turn right at signpost (4). Go uphill past  houses. Just past a Nursery one the left is a footpath  signpost and a steepish bank (5). (Opposite is a path  leading back to Mierscourt Lane). If you go up the  bank you will walk between some bushes to a stile.  This is a moment for big decisions!  

The footpath continues over the stile in a straight  line to the corner of a wood in front of the pylon  you can see ahead. However the field is often  obstructed by ploughing or growing crops and can be very difficult or muddy. So, if you feel you can’t  face it return to the road and continue uphill to  Farthing Corner, cross the Motorway and take the  first lane to the left. You will soon rejoin the walk at  (8) outside Matts Hill Farm. If you decide to cross  the field follow the edge of the wood round to the  left, following the Motorway fence, go over a stile  (7) and continue to a subway under the M2. Follow  the wide track bearing right. Watch out for an open  space on the right and go through the trees to the  motorway fence. Follow this to the left to a stile.  

Cross the stile and follow a dilapidated fence to  another stile. Cross the corner of the field ahead, go  over a low wire fence and cross an orchard to a stile  by a gate at the far side, leading into a road opposite  Matts Hill Farm (8). Turn left and follow the road.  If you kept to the road without attempting the field you are now back on route. On the right is Queendown Warren Nature Reserve, having many  entrances, splendid views and best of all peace and  quiet - an ideal spot for a picnic.  

Go back to the road and follow it round to the  left over the motorway (9). Turn left at the next  junction and continue passing Spade Lane and South  Bush Lane on your right until you reach the Oasts at Meresborough again (4). Go through an iron gate on  your right into a wide, farm track.  Folldw this for about half a mile then turn off left  (10) between old and new orchards, to a broad grassy track leading beside orchards to a hop garden.  A path runs diagonally through the hops to Meresborough Road (alternatively, carry straight on  through orchards tum left and then right and follow  a wall on the left to the A2 (11). At Meresborough Road turn right to the (former) Man of Ken pub, then follow  the A2 left to your start point.  

Keep to the paths  
Keep dogs under control  
Do no damage  
Leave nothing behind  
Walk carefully on roads facing oncoming traffic  
Close gates



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