I've been sent these photos by Trish of old classic cars driving through Rainham in the 1980s. Having previously attended the Bucket & Spade run in my classic car myself I thought it was possible that these were from one of the early years of the Bucket & Spade run when it started from Gillingham Business Park. The run started in 1981 so these could be some of the very earliest Bucket & Spade run photos. The cars shown in the photos are SBR216V (Lada 1600), EXN767 (Railton) and PV2231 (Citroen? - plate reregistered).

On closer inspection there is a car at the rear of the second photo that looks a Mk3 Ford Fiesta which was launched in 1989 so these would have been taken after this date.


 Bucket Spade Run 1985 Railton EXN767


ROMCC Bucket Spade Run 1985 Car through Rainham

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