H Wells General Stores, Grocery & Provisions
On the corner of Wakeley Road and Station Road Rainham what was the Computer Cabs office is currently being redeveloped and the work uncovered this old shop sign for H Wells General Stores.  Does anyone know when this was H Wells General Stores? There is info about later owners in Kelly's Directory

Photo:Peter Matthews

 In the 1970s it was a corner shop owned by Vic & Florrie Morris

Lydia Post remembers that Mr and Mrs Wells had this grocery shop in the 1950s...there were little grocery shops everywhere.. Just a few houses up Station Rd where the Chinese take away is was Mr Chandlers grocery shop...and opposite..what was later the post office just below railway crossing that was a hardwear store..There were always pots, pans, baskets etc hanging from beams in the ceiling...they sold all.manner of things. I could tell alot about Rainham...moved here in 1937 aged 5 and have seen SO many changes

 A couple of doors down from Henry street in Station Road..was a barber shop...a Mr .Pearce. Us children would go on a Saturday morning or in school holiday for a trim...He had a waiting room in which there was a machine on the wall (no not what you think) we would all stand in a circle and hold hands..one of us would put a coin in the machine and we all got an electric shock !!!wouldnt be allowed these days...I think it was designed for men not for kids...It was a horrible feeling but you daren't refuse to join in or else you would be called chicken 



#2 Thelma Collyer 2018-12-10 21:13
I used to go there as well in the late 50s...and to the fish and chips shop jjust up the road on the corner before you turned for the recreation ground..
#1 Carol Needs 2018-05-28 08:19
Pretty sure I used to go there on my way to Wakeley School to get sweets, they had an array of Mojos, Flying saucers, Friut Salads, all 4 for 1d and sugar mice, sherbet fountains the list could go on, in the 1960s

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