These shots of Rainham High Street show how it has changed over the years.

This photo was taken around 1940 showing what is now Barclays Bank in the foreground to the right. To the left is The Cricketers pub. Rainham Shopping centre was built in the late 1970s on the woodland area with access created by demolition of the row of houses and blacksmith shop. The Cricketers pub has been rebuilt in this picture so it's further from the A2.

This one of same location was taken around 1950, you can see the fence round the war memorial after the bench. The Coronation clock is missing so the photo was prior to 1953.

In roughly the same location in 2018 this photo shows Barclays without the two shops at the end of the building.

The photo below was taken in 2001 showing Barclays Bank and The Cricketers pub

The photo below was taken in 2004


The same shot from Rainham Church tower in 2012 - this time more leaves on the trees obscuring Barclays Bank


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