As of early July 2016 the White Horse Pub in Rainham has closed. According to a sign in the window the pub has been handed back to the owners Enterprise Inns by the landlords, Leon and Craig.

Hopefully the White Horse public house will continue under new landlords/owners, if it survived a massive fire, it would be a shame if it closed as a result of economics. Read about The Destruction of the White Horse Inn

In the meantime if you're looking for a beer in Rainham you can visit the Cricketers or new micropub The Prince of Ales.

Photo of the White Horse Rainham in early 1900s.

Stories/rumours on social media suggest proposals ranging from:

(a) It's closed will not re-open;
(b) it's closed and will re-open in a month under new management;
(c) it's been bought by Shepherd Neame;
(d) it's been bought by Shepherd Neame, but they won't be re-opening it;
(e) it's going to be a hotel.


The statement in the window is below:

The statement about the White Horse closing

The White Horse pub in 1970s

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