Bloors Wharf has probably taken its name from the old mansion house just to the south, adjacent to the junction of Bloors Lane and Lower Rainham Road. A wharf called Blowers Key is listed in a survey commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I in 1566 in the ownership of John Tuston. This survey listed Rainham as having eight inhabited houses and three keys (quays).

The wharf became part of Riverside Country Park in 1997. Prior to this the area had been used for a number of industrial purposes including ship breakers and scrap yard; evidence of this can be seen below the waterline.

Further info received via Facebook thanks to Alan West:

Shaws of Kent Ltd. was the name of the scrapyard there during the 1950's. Mr H Shaw lived at 16, Appledore Road, and his brother, the joint owner lived in Featherby road.



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