Memories of Fairview School in the 1970s

I attended Fairview Junior school from 1977 to 1981. The headmaster was Mr Queen and the teachers I remember were Mrs Terry, Miss Kitchener, Mr Roome, Mr Baker, Mr Thomas. The school had an outdoor swimming pool which was always freezing despite a solar blanket being purchased to try to warm it up. I had very enjoyable school days at Fairview with lots of happy memories and left in 1981 to go to Rainham Mark Grammar school.

School dinners have changed massively since the 1970s, I recall horrible goulash but loved the gypsy tart and apple. You'd never find salad served in school with peanuts now but for some reason nut allergies weren't a problem back then. For some reason the school dinners were sometimes served from the church hall next to the school. This wasn't all the time so I'm unsure now why this happened.

The school playing field seemed massive as a 7 year old and I remember it seemingly taking ages to get from one side to the other when playing games out on the top field.

Every summer the school had a June Fair to raise money for the PTA, the photo below is of the Fancy dress competition in 1981.

Photo of Fairview School June Fair fancy dress competition, June 1981




0 #1 Danny marks 2018-09-30 18:14
I was there 1968 to 1972 i think. Mr queen was headmaster then as well. Miss terry and mr baker definitely there and his 2 sons attended the school too. Mr thomas maybe cant really remember. Good school. Good times

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