William Keutenius Fire Officer Rainham Kent

William Keutenius Fire Officer Rainham Kent

Details of Rainham Fire Brigade from 1908

The Rainham Fire Brigade was formed in 1901, and is now an efficient and up-to-date organization. The headquarters are situated on the Recreation Ground, the Fire Station housing a modern 22-man manual fire engine, and all other appliances for fire fighting. The Brigade is called together by maroon.

The members of the Brigade are: Captain, Tilden Hollands; Lieutenant, H. Keutenius; Firemen A. Bland, H. Bishop, H. Heap, E. Heap, E. Keutenius, H. Taylor, J. Whiddett, and T. Wills. Secretary, E. Heap. Clerk to the Council, R. Wickins, Station Road, Rainham.


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