Pictures of historic hempstead kent. This photo is of Hempstead Hill looking towards the site of the old smallpox isolation hospital situated off Hoath Lane Wigmore. This photo was taken prior to the building of the A278 Link road to join the A2 to the M2 at junction 4 and appears to show that the road splits at the bottom of Hempstead Hill near Spekes Road and goes in the direction of Hoath Lane and Woodside as well as towards Darland Banks/Gillingham.

The road now only goes to the left towards Darland Banks and the right hand fork is a tunnel under the A278 Hoath Way nicknamed the Love Tunnel.

The buildings above the junction are the Smallpox Isolation hospital, named in the photo as Wigmore Hospital.

 Pictures of historic hempstead kent, old photo of hempstead hill and wigmore hospital

 pictures of historic hempstead kent

Hempstead Valley shopping centre shortly after construction in 1978


#2 Wayne Hamh 2018-07-21 15:57
Andy, what on earth are you talking about? Gillingham high street has been dying since it was built, but is still always packed. Never seen Rainham High Street busier than it is now, and Twydall is the only one that really needs help - None of that has anything to do with the Sava.
#1 Andy McBride 2012-11-02 13:15
The construction of Hempstead Vally shopping centre was the death of Gillingham High street,Rainham and also left a blot on what was a lovely quite Vally

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