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This was the Herbert Road Street Party in June 1953 for Elizabeth R 1953 Coronation

This video was shot around Rainham station in 2016 and shows the railway line leading into distance of Gillingham and the Oast community centre adjacent to the tracks


Joe Ennis has written for Action Forum for many years with a series of articles about the local area surrounding Rainham.

 Joe's daughter Annabel has collected these articles together and created a website with them which is a fantastic record of these articles and a great resource to read them through again.

Joe Ennis - Nature notes and Rides from Rainham

In August 1978, Joe started contributing a column to Action Forum, a free monthly community magazine for the rapidly-growing population of Rainham.

Joe's 'Rides from Rainham' explored local places of interest by bicycle. Spoiler alert: Joe's travelling companion and literary foil 'Kemsley' was in fact Joe's bicycle: a three-gear Raleigh 'Palm Beach'. It was a ladies bicycle, bought by then-nursery nurse, Eve, in Bristol for a week's wage. This thrift reflected the post-war era Joe and Eve grew up in.

Joe's articles were often accompanied by an illustration or sketched map, sometimes drafted by his own hand, or occasionally by Eve.

After nearly two decades, Rides from Rainham was retired and Nature Notes sprung to life in Action Forum. In Nature Notes, Joe's destinations were no longer limited by pedal-power, and he invited his readers to enjoy nature and the changing seasons in places accessible by foot, bicycle, car and train.

In Rainham there was originally a Tesco store in the Rainham precinct but in 1994 a much larger store was opened on the Bowaters site at Rainham Mark. This has become a Tesco Extra in the late 2000s.

When the Tesco store opened at Bowaters there were concerns that it would mean the demise of the central store in Rainham so Tesco were required to guarantee that it would remain open for a period of time. This has now long expired but the store in Rainham Shopping centre is now badged as a Tesco Metro and trades on convenience and location.

As a result of the 2 stores in such close proximity there is a local naming convention with Big Tesco and Little Tesco - the Tesco Extra is known as the Big Tesco.

Tesco Extra Rainham/Gillingham - Bowaters Rainham Mark

Tesco Extra Rainham/Gillingham - Bowaters Rainham MarkWhen did Tesco Extra Rainham/Gillingham open ? Bowaters Rainham Mark


Tesco Extra Rainham/Gillingham Opening Date


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