Ward Homes Sales Brochures and Promo Leaflets from the 1960s For Rainham Park Housing Estate - now know as Parkwood

These Parkwood homes brochures have been kindly scanned and provided by Craig Blum. 

The photos show many of the designs of Ward Homes houses that can still be seen across Parkwood estate from Cherry Tree Road to Lonsdale Drive and around the roads off Long Catlis Drive. This was originally known as Rainham Park estate and was at one time the largest private housing estate in Europe which was built on ancient woodland outside Wigmore and Rainham Kent.

A PDF of the complete brochure can be viewed here.

The achievement of the huge scale of the development is even more significant when you consider that the entire area was developed by a single company, Ward Homes.

Parkwood estate new houses sale brochure 1960s, rainham kent


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