This aerial photo of Maidstone Road was taken in 2016 showing the view towards Gillingham. Maidstone Road crosses the photo from left to right with Herbert Road in the bottom left corner, Broadview Avenue in bottom right leading towards Nursery Road. In the distance you can see the playing fields of the Howard School and Rainham Girls

This photo from early 1970s is of Beveridges the chemist shop on the A2 at the top of Holding St in Rainham. The Electricity shop used to be next door on the corner.

Midland Bank was originally located on the A2 opposite Maidstone Road and next to Hidsons car dealership. This photo was taken in the early 1970s, probably around 1972 based on the cars in the Hidsons showroom that were selling Humber & Hillman cars at the time. 

The Midland Bank site building was demolished in the early 1990s and the Hidsons site extended. Midland Bank then moved to the precinct but that branch was closed in 2013.

This is the same location in 2014

It's slightly out of area but when I was walking today I noticed the Little Crown pub in Chatham High Street which had a sign showing 1892. I wonder if it has been covered up previously as I don't recall spotting it before. The pub appears long closed but hopefully the building will be restored. Little Crown Pub Chatham



Old photos by decade

Roads around the Rainham - old photos of how roads used to look in days gone by